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What is the role of the architect? A conversation between Luis Fdez. Galiano and Peter Eisenman

posted Oct 18, 2010, 1:29 PM by Patricia Martin

Today I attended a lecture given by Luis Fernandez Galiano and Peter Eisenman and moderated by the school’s director Brett Steele in the Architectural Association’ School. There, Fdez. Galiano defended the architect as an individual with an active role in the society and who should be involved in today’s global challenges. In the other hand, for Eisenman, we architects are mere producers of iconography. Architecture for Eisenman is just space, light, and form, together with other nuisances as clients or plumbing. However, I agree with Fdez Galiano that we architects should forget about icons and celebrities and start thinking in our role into the society. In times as the one we are living today, nobody cares about icons but architecture should still provide a service for the society (we should imitate the man with the milk bottle in the bombed London, as in Fdez. Galiano example)

Architecture has always been involved in politics, culture and economics, developing a more complex role than just light and space. There are many examples that illustrate that: La Case del Fascio, the Twin Towers... So why should we forget about it? Are we trying to avoid this duty?