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Urban Earth

posted May 10, 2011, 1:33 PM by Patricia Martin   [ updated May 10, 2011, 2:56 PM ]
Urban earth is a project by the Geography Collective that explores urbanization from citizens’ everyday reality. The project avoids commercial and stereotypical images of urbanization and exposes cities as they actually are. It represents the point of view of a person who walks through the true scenario for most citizens’ daily life.

(From Urban Earth Project:)

A photograph is taken every 8 steps (roughly) across each city and then edited together to make films which reveal an alternative way of experiencing cities. Each photo is always taken looking directly forward without bias, presenting an urban view which is emotionally challenging for the photographer whose gaze is drawn towards specific people, objects and places.

Geography is more important than many people think. A random route across a city may expose many things, but an URBAN EARTH walk is special because it attempts to reveal what a city is like for the people who live in it. URBAN EARTH is not about following the tourist trail or tracking down the most extreme places… it is about finding normality.

The routes are carefully designed to show the distribution of deprivation within cities. For example, where the poorest 20% of the population might occupy 14% of urban space, roughly 14% of the walk travels through these most deprived areas. The length of the walk is also propotionate to the size of the city. Where possible the route also travels through areas with the greatest population densities.

Urban Earth Project, The Geography Collective