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Some thoughts on climate and the city

posted Oct 22, 2012, 3:48 AM by Patricia Martin

Climate occupies an important role in our everyday life. The weather is an ever-present aspect of our routine and defines many actions and choices we make daily. We think, feel and talk about it constantly. What is more, it can define our mood and personality. We can even say that climate is part of us. In fact, climate and culture are intrinsically linked, defining each other continuously.

In addition, climate has other important implications for citizens. First, climate is nature in the city. The air movement, humidity levels and temperature changes make us conscious of the atmosphere above us. These climatic expressions in the urban environment represent an immediate manifestation of the planet we live in. Second, climate entails the notion of duration and the pass of time. Thus, it introduces a temporal dimension in the everyday life essential to the urban experience. And finally, by unifying us under the same sky conditions, climate helps to create a sense of community. The weather influences us not only individually but also collectively.