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Environmental perception

posted Jun 12, 2013, 9:48 AM by Patricia Martin

Climate is a fundamental part of the city as it forms an essential part of its image and identity. Moreover, climatic conditions have a great influence on the way we perceive our environment. Any change in the weather, time of the day or the point of view influences their understanding and perception. The same scenario can be completely different depending on the atmospheric conditions. THEREFORE, OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ENVIRONMENT IS TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON WEATHER CONDITIONS. 

The built, social and climatic environments of cities are intrinsically related. All three influence one another, creating multiple situations. This relationship is most patent in public spaces. INDEED, FOR PUBLIC LIFE TO HAPPEN, A SPECIFIC SOCIAL, BUILT AND CLIMATIC ENVIRONMENT IS NEEDED. I am currently exploring the relationship between climatic conditions and the use of urban public space. The set of pictures show Soho Square in London at different moments of the day.